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Fancy Joining Priory Players?

If you're interested in joining Priory Players, whether on-stage or not, please get in touch with us using the membership contact details on the Contact Us page.
About Priory Players

Priory Players - previously known as the Green Players and the Congregational Players - have been producing plays and pantomimes in Ossett, West Yorkshire since 1902. We are best known for our high quality, sell-out pantomime productions every January, involving both our adult and youth cast. We also perform a couple of shows throughout the year, a musical by our youth cast, and anything from thriller, comedy and even melodrama by our adult cast. Year on year we receive excellent feedback, letting us know our shows are getting bigger and better, with our recent performances of Funny Money receiving numerous awards in the Wakefield Drama Festival and 44th National All Winners Festival in Barnsley. To see a list of some of our most recent productions as well as our upcoming shows, head over to the Shows page.

We pride ourselves on not only having talented performers on stage, but also off-stage including sound and lighting, stage crew and a live orchestra of professional musicians. All of these piece together to make a performance which must not be missed!

It takes weeks of rehearsals and days of setting the stage before we get to the end result, we couldn't do this without the help of volunteers to assist stage building, costume designing, painting sets and then helping to take it all down again when plays and pantos have finished. We hope you get the opportunity to see at least one of them and enjoy the end result of our hard work, or even get involved on or off stage yourself if you fancy lending a hand!